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Solid Carbide Milling Cutters

New ISO H Advance line of solid carbide milling cutters from Walter

Walter has introduced its ISO H Advance Line of solid carbide milling cutters, consisting of seven new cutter families specially tailored to the requirements of hard machining (up to 63 HRC). These new cutters include mini and multi-flute, shoulder/slot, ball-nose and high-feed milling cutters that cover the full range of solid carbide milling. "The new WB10TG grade achieves long tool life and enhanced surface quality, and Walter's performance-enhancing geometry yields high metal removal rates," said a company spokesperson.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the cutters can be applied for large or small components and for various milling strategies, such as roughing, finishing, high-feed milling and for machining 3-D contours with the ball-nose mill. Their enhanced properties make these high-end milling cutters for hard machining particularly beneficial for users with medium-sized batches and high-quality requirements. Typical areas of application include die and moldmaking, as well as general metalworking.

The specific tool families are designated MC089, MC183, MC187, MC281, MC388, MC480 and MC482. MC089 is for high-feed cutting and pre-finishing. MC183 is targeted at side milling and finishing and features a high number of teeth. MC187 is aimed at side milling, dynamic milling and finishing. MC281 features mini end mills from 0.04-0.16" (1-4 mm) with corner radius. MC388 is for both roughing and finishing and features universal usage for ISO H and ISO P machining. MC480 are mini ball-nose end mills from 0.02-0.20" (0.4-5 mm) for copy milling of 3-D contours. Finally, the MC482 family consists of ball-nose end mills with two and four flutes for copy milling of 3-D contours.

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