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Microfinish/Polishing of Crankshafts

"Thielenhaus Microfinish offers its CrankStar TX that establishes a new level of technology, production capability and economic benefits for high production automotive crankshaft polishing," said a company spokesperson.

The average vehicle uses up to 340 liters (90 gal) of fuel per year solely to overcome the internal friction of a combustion engine. The requirements placed on the engine crankshaft are increasing in line with demands for lower consumption, higher performance and sustainability. Compact dimensions as well as precision bearings and sealing seats are, in this regard, significant contributors to environmental balance, performance and longevity. The Thielenhaus CrankStar precision crankshaft microfinishing machine is a suitable solution for the challenges experienced by today's engine manufacturers.

The CrankStar TX is a modular machine design available in one, two and three station configurations, depending on production and quality requirements. It is suited for three to six-cylinder engine crankshafts with bearing centerline distances as low as 33 mm, required by the trend towards more compact engine designs. A unique and large tape arm opening angle of 80° and innovative load station design allows for part loading and unloading from a gantry or other form of automation during the machining cycle, saving as much as 17 seconds cycle time per piece. A double thrust face polishing unit further reduces processing time.

The machine's headstock and tailstock are NC controlled, allowing for automatic part positioning when changing between different part types. Automatic NC controlled tape unit positioning is available to provide an automated system for multiple part configurations.

The tape management system has been designed to be functional and operator friendly. Large capacity tape reels are easily accessible from the front of the machine. Tape disposal bins located in the front of the machine can be emptied without stopping production. Additional tape management features include:

  • Tape depleted, tape breakage and tape feed monitoring
  • Independent, adjustable tape feed
  • Quick-change tape shoes. No tools required.
  • Available automatic tape cutting system.

For more information contact:

Thielenhaus Microfinish

42925 West Nine Mile Road

Novi, MI 48375

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