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Mikron HSM 500 Graphite Offers Flexibility and Speed

GF Machining Solutions offers its Mikron HSM 500 Graphite high-speed mill. The system combines the features of a dedicated graphite machine with the flexibility of the company's HSM 500 high-speed milling platform. Clad in black paint to denote its specialty, the machine features an optimized Step-Tec 42,000 RPM spindle, an exhaust system and the ability to quickly switch between wet and dry machining.

"The flexibility of the HSM 500 Graphite ensures that shops can have an all-in-one high-speed milling solution that allows for wet applications while at the same time benefitting from a machine that specializes in graphite applications," said a company spokesperson. Its high-dynamic drives, polymer concrete base and improved spindle allow the machine to hold tight tolerances, such as those required for advanced glass molds and other graphite parts.

"For most applications, the entire process has to be perfect, not just the machine," said Dante Payva, Project Manager of GF Machining Solutions' milling division. "Everything needs to be considered, from the overall shop environment and temperature to the precise measurement of the cutters and process speeds. Our smart machine modules and training programs make that easier than ever even as our machines become more sophisticated." To that end, the HSM 500 Graphite includes the Operator Support System for automating complex machine setting changes, Intelligent Thermal Control for warm-up time reductions as well as high accuracy and an Advanced Process System for on-the-fly control of spindle functions.

GF Machining Solutions has also designed the machine around its automation and die-sinking EDM lines to provide customers with a complete manufacturing solution, making it easy to pair the HSM 500 Graphite with such machines as a System 3R WorkPartner 1+ and an AgieCharmilles FORM P 250. "The result of these innovations is a machine that can reliably and repeatedly provide the highest level of precision at speeds that allow for doubled production capacity and up to 200% more profit when compared to competing graphite mills," said the spokesperson.

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