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New Series Grades for Cutting Steel

Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc., offers AC8000P series grades for steel turning. They feature advanced Absotech Platinum CVD coating for a longer tool life and an overall cost reduction in steel cutting.

For enhanced performance, the AC8000P series consists of this patented CVD coating, a surface layer and a smooth surface treatment from the crystal orientation process.

Three grades are available to meet a complete range of application requirements. The AC8015P grade offers enhanced wear resistance during high-speed, high-efficiency steel cutting. "Its edge treatment and newly developed coating result in twice the crater wear resistance compared to conventional grades," said a company spokesperson.

The AC8025P grade is reliable during general-purpose steel cutting. Its special surface treatment results in improved tool surface smoothness, as well as adhesion and chipping resistance. The AC8035P grade provides enhanced stability during interrupted steel cutting. "Its special surface treatment reduces tensile residual stress in coating for twice the fracture resistance of standard grades," said the spokesperson.

The wide range of applications for the AC8000P grade includes ring gears, CVT parts, toolholders, axle ends, bushings, flanges, gears and more. Some chipbreaker suggestions include the EGU, the EGE and the EUX.

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