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Mini Tools Vertical Inserts/Toolholders

The carbide shank toolholders from Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. offer vibration resistance and longer reach. The vertical inserts are constructed of BLU-Sub-micron grade carbide with advanced PVD triple layer coating for high heat resistance, smoother cutting operation and better finish. Toolholders feature through coolant, and inserts can be quickly indexed.

Capable of threading, grooving, boring, profiling and chamfering, these units are suitable for long threads or long-reach applications, as well as small diameter, course pitch threads.

Jim White, National Sales Manager for Carmex USA, said, "The increased Swiss-style machining for complex part production has resulted in the introduction of a wide range of tools for grooving and other applications. Due to our more than 28 years of experience in thread milling applications, Carmex engineering has developed a superior and more versatile tool for multiple applications. The insert is positioned in a recessed pocket in the toolholder that provides additional support, while the carbide construction minimizes vibration even in long-reach applications. This results in a combination of improved performance and longer tool life."

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