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Body Shop Solutions for Automotive

DESTACO offers body shop solutions for the automotive sector that include end effectors, grippers and manual clamps applications.

Solutions offered include:

  • BodyBuilder Tooling System - Octagonal booms and components are designed to maximize productivity, both before and after installation. The flexibility of the system allows modifications to the end effector in minutes, reducing start up time to launch.
  • SpiderGrip Tooling System - Precision geometric booms and components offers a standard cost-effective solution by making it easy for each component to be replaced individually in the robotic cell, reducing production downtime.
  • Accelerate Tooling for Body Shop - These components are designed to transition from BodyBuilder tooling to round tooling structures. This enables customers to improve their productivity, increase robot payloads and decrease the MOI on the robot.
  • Swivel Arms and Extensions - Offer a versatile attachment point for vacuum generators and adaptors, proximity switches and nest mount brackets. Single end extensions can be used to add linear adjustment to the 360° (3) axes adjustment, when used in conjunction with transition swivel arms or Transition blocks.
  • Vacuum Products and Mounting - Designed to increase the speed of pick and place applications. Vacuum generators can be used via apple core mounting or remotely.
  • Vacuum Cups and Part Handling Magnets - Offered in different families, and may be offered in different durometers. Vacuum cups are also offered in imperial and metric mounting options, which may vary according to the size and type of the vacuum cup.
  • Enclosed Modular Mini-Clamp - Enclosed toggle link gripper that can be used to grip the edges of a part for transporting between workstations. No additional fixture components required.
  • Tolerance Compensating Power Clamp - Enclosed power clamp that is able to hold different metal thickness without the need for adding adjustment shims, while maintaining a constant clamping force.
  • Enclosed Power Clamps - Designed for the requirements of the automotive and sheet metal processing industries. They are a suitable choice when it comes to clamping, holding and positioning metal parts and other components on and in a fixture.
  • Pneumatic Pin Clamps and Packages - Designed to guide a part into a precise location with the use of hardened steel pins. Pin clamps can also secure a part in place with the use of a powerful toggle mechanism.
  • Precision Guides and Lifters - Suitable for applications where multiple parts are produced on a single production line, with clamping and locating points at different positions and locations.
  • Pivot Units - Offered in pneumatic and electric versions, pivot units have the power to position large fixtures into place for welding and assembly applications.
  • Pneumatic Parallel and Angular Grippers - Grippers, rotaries and slides can be used in a wide array of the body shop and machining applications ranging from heavy-duty engine and part handling to paint shop applications.
  • Manual and Pneumatic Toggle and Swing Clamps - DESTACO products are used in body shop to secure parts in welding and checking fixtures for assembly and testing applications.
  • Pneumatic Power Cylinders - The power cylinder is a double acting mechanism, based on a wedge lever principle design that delivers a double stroke action in two stages. The cylinder works in any position and can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • CAMCO Servo Positioner GTB Series Rotary Tables - Light, compact high accuracy servo positioners available. The low profile hi-torque output design supports the demands of typical high load inertia applications.

DESTACO partners with its customers to design and develop solutions for:

  • Body-in-white
  • Body frame assembly
  • Component machining
  • Welding and assembly applications
  • Glass handling.

For more information contact:


691 N. Squirrel Road, Suite 250

Auburn Hills, MI 48326

888-DESTACO (337-8226) / 248-836-6700

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