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High-Accuracy Metrology

REGO-FIX recently featured its easy-to-use 3D-EdgeMaster precision centering devices and MasterBar test arbors. REGO-FIX developed these products to help shops improve production quality and track machine tool performance with measurement devices that uphold the same high standards of precision as the company's toolholding solutions.

"3D-EdgeMaster measuring technology continues the REGO-FIX tradition of meeting the challenges of process reliability with fast, precise probing of reference edges, setting the zero point and measuring with repeat accuracy of ≤ 0.01 mm," said a company spokesperson. Available in both inch and metric versions, the 3D-EdgeMaster is shock and splash proof in accordance with IP 67 regulations. A predetermined breaking point in the easy-to-replace ceramic probe insert protects the device mechanism. Shops can set the X and Y axes to adjust runout, calibrate the measuring path, center the machine axis and determine the bore center.

To shorten set-up time, improve precision, increase CNC quality and minimize scrap costs, REGO-FIX measuring technology also includes MasterBar test arbors for machine spindle calibration. After a thorough cleaning of the inside of the spindle, operators chuck the MasterBar arbor and measure the arbor runout close to the spindle nose (~50mm from the interface) with a 1 µm or 2 µm scale dial indicator. Shops also can check runout at the bottom of the arbor for comparison to the spindle manufacturer's specifications, test parallelism and verify spindle alignment after a crash. The arbors are available in ST, CAT, BT+40, HSK-A, HSK-E and ATC-E interfaces, in lengths from 350 mm to 70 mm and diameters from 40 mm to 10 mm, depending on interface size.

REGO-FIX supplies its MasterBar test arbors in custom foam packaging that supports their entire length to preserve straightness and measurement accuracy. The products meet the same standards that REGO-FIX applies to its toolholding, with cylindricity at a maximum of 2 µm along the entire length and runout from the cylindrical part of the tool to the taper of under 3 µm.

All REGO-FIX metrology devices incorporate a laser-marked QR code that loads the REGO-FIX website to access technical information about the specific tool and its inspection certification.

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