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Online Surface Roughness, Texture and Tribology Class Available

Dr. Donald Cohen's Surface Roughness, Texture and Tribology class is now available as a full, online course, or as individual, affordable online learning modules.

The Surface Roughness, Texture and Tribology short course, a staple of surface roughness training for engineers and quality professionals for almost 20 years, is now available in its entirety at The course, presented by Dr. Donald Cohen, is now offered as a single course with over 11 hours of content and as individual course modules that allow students to tailor the material for their particular needs.

"The online format is a highly affordable way to learn about surface texture and surface interactions," Cohen said. "We have now made the entire course available for students who want to take a deep dive into this material. For students who may need to focus their learning time, or who want to explore particular areas of the field, the individual course modules are a very cost-effective option as well."

The course material is designed for technicians, engineers, students and scientists working in fields such as aerospace, automotive, materials, medical devices and others where surface texture, friction or wear play important roles.

The 10 course modules range in length from 45 minutes to two hours, including material covering:

  • Surface Finish: Introduction, Instruments & Correlation
  • Filtering for Roughness Waviness and Form
  • Surface Roughness Parameters
  • Wear Mechanisms, Measurement and Specification
  • Dry, Sliding Friction
  • Lubricated Friction
  • Rolling Friction
  • Surface Energy, Wetting and Surface Roughness
  • Seals, Sealing and Surface Finish
  • Coatings: Surface Roughness from Substrate to Topcoat.

"This course goes far beyond the equations and math of analyzing surface texture," Cohen said. "We focus instead on how texture relates to how components function, relating it to friction, sealing, durability, noise, appearance and so on."

For more information contact:

Michigan Metrology, LLC

17199 N Laurel Park Dr., Ste. 51

Livonia, MI 48152


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