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Newell Named CEO of INFORM North America

Justin Newell

INFORM, a software provider for AI driven digital decision-making optimizing business operations and headquartered in Germany, announced the promotion of Justin Newell to CEO, INFORM North America.

He succeeds INFORM North America founder and Chairman Adrian Weiler, who will continue in his role as ongoing advisor to the CEOs across all INFORM Group entities, as well as serving as a representative of the organization in leading industry associations and conferences. In addition to his new role as CEO of INFORM North America, Newell will retain his role as COO, which he has held since January 2019, and as CEO emphasize profitable growth of INFORM's business in North America by delivering INFORM's Hybrid AI-based decision-making technologies.

As CEO of INFORM North America, Newell will continue to focus on business development in North America with a primary emphasis on key sectors. These include:

  • Automotive-Finished vehicle logistics and intelligent inbound truck supply control as well as time slot management
  • Aviation-Ground handling and workforce optimization
  • Supply Chain-Inventory optimization and demand planning
  • Logistics-Dispatch optimization in construction materials, returnable container management as well as intermodal/maritime/yard management solutions
  • Financial Industry-Fraud prevention and risk management
  • Manufacturing-Production Planning.

Additionally, he will continue his focus on developing the INFORM North American-based project delivery teams. In performing his role, Newell will continue to consult with Weiler and collaborate with the CEOs both in INFORM headquarters and across the other INFORM entities globally.

Newell said, "I am looking forward to assuming my new responsibilities as CEO of INFORM North America. Over the past few years, and despite the challenges brought on by the global pandemic, climate change and socio-economic developments, INFORM has advanced its mission and supported the increased profitability, process optimization and crisis resilience for North American companies in diverse industries. Applying our hybrid AI-based decision-making technologies, we also are enabling our customers to meet their sustainability goals by optimizing their operations and maximizing their vehicle, equipment and human resources."

For more information contact:

INFORM North America

1050 Crown Pointe Pkwy.

Suite 310

Atlanta, GA 30338


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