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AR and Smart Glasses: Upskilling Workers Faster and More Effectively

New Forge has introduced a more effective and faster way of training using augmented reality (AR) and smart glasses.

"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the turnover rate across all industries in 2021 was 57.3%," said a company spokesperson. "With such high turnover rates, finding new ways to upskill workers quickly and effectively is a major concern. New Forge's approach takes the training experience into the digital world with interactive AR workflows and smart glasses. We take training times from weeks to days."

New Forge allows trainers to spend less time on training and lets workers have a more interactive and inclusive learning experience. New Forge's methods work by streamlining its client's processes. This begins with transforming traditional work instructions into digital workflows and condensing them into easy-to-digest and interactive steps. Rather than reading a 20-page manual, a user can follow a 10-minute workflow that takes them through their task, step-by-step.

These workflows can include almost any form of media like images, videos, PDFs and other documents. In addition, their interactive elements like voice control and checklists keep users engaged in their task.

While these workflows can be used on almost any form of technology, New Forge combines them with smart glasses. This creates a guided learn-by-doing approach to training.

"Unlike other forms of technology, smart glasses are hands-free," said the spokesperson. "Users use voice commands to control the glasses and the view screen sits within a user's line of sight, like a rearview mirror. Smart glasses free a user's hands to complete their task while getting their step-by-step instructions in their line of sight. The digital nature of New Forge's training methods allows for not only further quality control, also but higher adaptability and productivity."

Trainers can use their time more effectively by remotely monitoring all trainees at the same time and give extra help where needed. Administrators also have access to reports on workflows after they have been completed. These reports contain data like how long each step is taking and who is completing their task. Administrators can then use that data to make adjustments for improvement.

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