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Redesigned Mobile Powered Cart

Newcastle Systems, Inc. has redesigned its NB Series Mobile Powered Cart. It features a sleeker design, weighs less and has a sturdier support mast, resulting in improved stability and ease of movement whether in the warehouse, production or retail floor.

The NB Series is the workhorse in the Newcastle fleet. It features a rugged design, flexible configurations and a large range of accessories. The NB Series can accommodate almost any profile of workstation including those with scales, testing equipment, large monitors and laser printers.

Other features of the NB Series include:

  • Integrated power: Seamless rechargeable AC power and the ability to run up to four devices at once for eight to 12 hours of normal use.
  • Mobile: The compact footprint and 5" locking swivel casters make it easy to deploy in any area.
  • Adjustable: The slotted upright system allows for the shelves and accessories to be quickly adjusted in seconds to suit each operator's needs.
  • Modular: A large selection of optional accessories are available and can be integrated in seconds to create a highly versatile workstation configured to suit any application including up to three shelves.
  • Various battery choices: Available with lightweight swappable or fixed lithium or SLA battery options.

For more information contact:

Newcastle Systems, Inc.

34 South Hunt Road

Amesbury, MA 01913


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