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NIMS Establishes OJT Process

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) has developed a new approach to help employers struggling with on-the-job training (OJT). It is a five-step method that is briefly described in a video that can be accessed by clicking NIMS created the process to address the urgency many employers are experiencing getting employees training in today's manufacturing technologies and methods.

Step 1 is "Familiarize" and introduces the Smart Training Principles that NIMS outlines on its website,

Step 2 is "Discover" and includes a quick online self-evaluation assessment that reveals perceived versus actual training behaviors occurring in a shop or factory.

Step 3 is "Analyze," where the shop owner or training manager and trainers participate in a session with a NIMS expert to bring clarity to the assessment results. This session returns a comprehensive needs analysis and a Training Playbook that the company can use to enhance its training program.

Step 4 is "Enhance," where the details of the organization's training program are developed onsite at the company's location. This is the step that has the greatest and most empowering impact. The materials for training are created with a NIMS expert, and real training sessions are practiced and fine-tuned.

Step 5 is "Recognize"-the final step to ensure that all stakeholders in the program get acknowledged for their role in reaching the desired performance goals.

According to Montez King, Executive Director of NIMS, "The first steps are somewhat academic, but we caution companies to not get turned off by those. They are quick and necessary for the subsequent steps that are practical and real-world, using a company's specific parts and processes. They successfully resolve the OJT needs in a relatively short time frame. Further, NIMS is here to help employers at every step of the journey."

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