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Electronic Bore Gauge

The PGE-6000 Electronic Bore Gage from Sunnen Products Company allows precise control of final bore size and quality of purchased or semi-finished parts, with an instant digital or numerical readout for 100% inspection.

"The electronically amplified comparative bore gauge is ideal for quick, simple, economical process control in almost any manufacturing environment, combining lab-precise accuracy with a robust design built for everyday shop use," said a company spokesperson. "An easy-to-follow setup menu handles all pertinent information required for fast, easy part inspection. An onboard computer can store serialized part measurement data for use in Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis. Data is downloaded directly into a PC via a cable or USB drive, which also is used for software updates."

A viable alternative to air gauging in many instances, the PGE-6000 gauges bring reliable, flexible ID gauging to the manufacturing floor with no need for probes or master rings. "A single gauge can measure a wide range of part sizes, offering greater versatility at a lower cost than a comparable air gauging system," said the spokesperson. The standard unit handles bore diameters from 0.370" to 1.50" (9.40 mm to 38.10 mm) utilizing adjustable gauging fingers on both sides of the gauge (the PG-800 gauging system). Installing the optional gauge finger extensions increases the bore diameter range to 1.50" to 3.00" (38.10 mm to 76.20 mm) to accommodate even larger parts. The upper control/display unit is easily rotated to utilize either side of the mechanical measuring system.

"The PGE-6000 Bore Gage removes complexity, skill and 'feel' from the measurement process and allows machine operators to precisely confirm part size with confidence after only brief training," said the spokesperson. A large 7" diagonal (178 mm) color touchscreen, with easy-to-use set-up and measurement displays, allows the operator to tailor the gauge to the application. Compact and easily portable, the gauge can be mounted right at a machining station or in a QC or lab setting. The optional PG-400 or PG-500 adjustable setting fixtures simplify set-up while eliminating the need and expense for plug gauges, jo blocks, master rings or micrometers. The selectable screen displays measurements in Radial Arc or Linear format with selectable resolution down to 0.0000010" or 0.0001 mm for 100% inspection of machining operations or fast sampling of large vendor lots. Data can be displayed graphically or numerically. Measurement units are easily changed between inch and metric.

PGE-6000 Bore Gages can be used to examine the entire bore length for diameter, taper, barrel, bell mouth, out-of-round and lobing, and it is accurate right up to the edge of ports, lands or the ends of blind bores. Standard internal functions include the average, median, standard deviation, minimum and maximum of a series of measurements.

PGE-6000 Bore Gage combines a mechanical design with modern electronics to "lock in" accuracy, performance and reliability. An exclusive system of floating reeds locks the gauge fingers at the desired diameter size, protecting against drift or lag. Accuracy is not affected by temperature, moisture, air pressure or vibration. The floating reed system eliminates friction and wear to maintain repeatability. An optional foot pedal is available to allow hands-free data entry.

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