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March 2023

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AEC Announces Conference and Workshop Schedule
Allendale Machinery Systems Moves into New Facility
Manufacturing For Growth Meeting April 26-28
Applied Manufacturing Technologies Doubles Production Area
ASSEMBLY Show South Workshops
Intelligent Programming Software for Automated Bending
Plant Manager Keeps Machines on Track
Brand-Agnostic Software Helps Company Overcome Robot Supply Shortage
Japanese Robot Manufacturer Relies on Digital Twin by CENIT
New Insert Size for Indexable Milling Line
Colson Group Increases Production Efficiency
Cornerstone Automation Relocates Headquarters
Cosen Saws Offers Support for Machine Parts
Partnership to Automate Production Monitoring for Universal Robots
New PUMA DNT Series of Turning Centers
Machine Monitoring Software Updates
Enprotech Corp Acquires American Hydro
Fabrisonic Moves to New Facility
Machine Learning Tool for Predictive Maintenance
Supply Chain Workflow and Visibility Add-on for EstiTrack ERP
Hobart Opens New Customer Experience Center
CADCAM Nesting Software
In-Place Machining Company Acquires East Coast Metrology LLC
120-Year-Old Family Business Receives WBE Certification
Kaeser Compressors Now Factory-Direct in Upstate New York
Kardex Brings Automated Solutions to Life at ProMat 2023
Versatile Forklift Pallet Stacker
Software Enhanced with Updated CAD File Readers
Landamp;L Special Furnace Announces New Ownership
Methods Machine Tools to Host Machine Fest March 8-9
Software for Enhanced Performance of AMRs
Northwest Machine Tool Expo and Conference May 10-11
OZ Lifting Unveils ProMat Showcase
Purdue Accenture Sign Agreement in Support of Smart Manufacturing
Solar Atmospheres of Michigan New Facility
Sunnen Acquires Long-Time Partner Hommel Prazision
Industrial Precision Grinding Brings Metal Stock into Spec
Tooling Tech Group Rebrands TTG Automation as Century Automation
Ultra Librarian Launches Autodesk Fusion 360
AAA Tool and Machine and C-F Fabricators Now Velocity Metalworks
New Software Features Automate Workflow Enhance Process Control
Persistent in Every Respect
Winona Powder Coating Invests in New Powder Coating System
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New Software Features Automate Workflow, Enhance Process Control

Verisurf 2023 has new measurement workflow enhancements, including automatic ballooning of MBD reference frames to streamline first article type inspection and reporting. Including the ballooned screenshot in the report further aids in identifying the part-location of each characteristic in the report.

Verisurf Software, Inc. announced that its new 2023 release is now available for download. All new and current customers with current maintenance agreements can access Verisurf 2023 directly from the Verisurf website. Verisurf 2023 includes new automated workflows that improve efficiency and expand repeatable process control for inspection, reverse engineering and tool building applications.

"Verisurf is the only measurement software built on a full-featured 3D CAD platform and is committed to intelligent model-based definition (MBD). This lets users perform measurement workflows in a seamless CAD environment and maintains model-based digital continuity. Verisurf is committed to simplifying measurement workflows and applying intelligence to our products, supporting our customers with measurement solutions that work the way they do. All while providing universal flexibility and interoperability with all 3d measurement applications and devices with process control," said Nick Merrell, Executive Vice President of Verisurf Software, Inc.

Verisurf 2023 has new tools and features to support all measurement applications, including portable, laser scanning, manual and programmable CMM applications.

Intelligent Plan from MBD

Parts with complex GD&T, such as under-constrained datum reference frames, composite position and profile, and separate and simultaneous requirements, are no longer challenging to program and report, according to the company. Verisurf 2023 supports creating complex inspection plans from associative MBD and intelligent analysis of the GD&T.

New Mesh Utilities

New Tri-Mesh utility simplifies meshes, creates uniform triangles and maintains sharp edges. The Flatten Mesh utility creates a flat 2D mesh from an open 3D mesh to aid in determining the required stock for formed parts and support for nesting operations.

Dynamic Edge Points

When the parent surface of a thin part, such as a sheet metal stamping, deviates from the nominal, the measurement of the edge can result in failed probe hits due to the deviation of the part. Verisurf's Dynamic Edge Point helps ensure the actual edge is measured by automatically adding a surface index point to adjust the measurement location of the edge point.

Knuckle and Star Probe Rendering

CMM inspection planning is enhanced using a realistic, graphical representation of the active probe. Accurate rendering simplifies CMM workflows through the intuitive and visual confirmation of probe selection and orientation.

MBD Inspection Balloons

Inspection balloons enhance MBD functionality and streamline first article type inspection and reporting by assigning unique identifiers to individual characteristics. Including the ballooned screenshot in the report further aids in identifying the part-location of each characteristic in the report.

MBD from 3D Annotations

This new feature converts CAD GD&T annotations from SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge and STEP AP242 to Verisurf's Intelligent MBD with tolerance associativity. Intelligent MBD combined with new ballooning reduces transcription errors while automating inspection planning and reporting, the company reported.

Enhanced Cloud and Mesh Slice

This new enhancement further simplifies reverse-engineering workflows with tools to slice meshes and clouds. The Slice Mesh now features an option to create edge splines from the cropped ends of a mesh. Splines interrupted by holes in the mesh can be closed automatically, and slices can now be projected to a locked plane to aid surfacing and solid modeling.

Coarse and Smooth Refine

The new coarse and smooth refine options enable greater control over mesh refinement operations. The subdivide (coarse) option refines a mesh by connecting the edge midpoints to increase the triangle count without moving the vertices. Loop divide (smooth) refines by connecting the edge midpoints to increase the triangle count and smooths simultaneously, creating a smooth, high-resolution mesh.

Measure Cloud Object

Simplify cloud measurement with non-contact scanners using the new measure cloud object featuring dedicated scanner controls. After choosing the measure cloud object, the scanner controls, including scan rates, clipping plane and pre- and post-processing filters are displayed conveniently on the measure settings tab, providing direct control access.

Enhanced Non-Contact Alignment

The offline auto-align enhancements improve noncontact scan-data alignment accuracy. When circles, or slot targets, are used with a cloud or mesh to align data to a model, Verisurf fits an inscribed feature through the nearest points sampled evenly around the circumference. The calculated center point of the inscribed feature is then used to control the alignment.

Datum Modifier Support

GD&T analysis and reporting are enhanced by adding datum modifier support for position and profile and advanced options for composite reporting.

Verisurf 2023 is available for download by all new and current Verisurf customers with valid software maintenance agreements.

For more information contact:

Verisurf Software, Inc.

4907 E Landon Dr.

Anaheim, CA 92807

888-713-7201 / 714-970-1683

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