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Ultrasonic Probe and CMM Metrology Software Tools

Renishaw recently announced its RUP1 ultrasonic sensor for its REVO 5-axis multisensor CMM measurement system alongside other products, including the extended range of modules for the SFP2 surface finish measurement probe and enhancements for the RVP noncontact vision probe.

The REVO 5-axis multisensor system synchronizes the motion of the CMM and the measuring head's two axes to minimize the CMM's dynamic errors at ultra-high measuring speeds. The introduction of the RUP1 ultrasonic probe extends the system's range to six interchangeable sensors. These provide tactile touch-trigger and scanning measurement, surface finish, ultrasonic thickness measurement, noncontact vision and structured light measurement on a single CMM-all with the speed, accuracy and flexibility of a 5-axis system, the company reported.

The RUP1 probe increases the multisensor capability of the REVO system by adding ultrasonic thickness inspection to the existing product range.

"Unlike other ultrasonic systems, the RUP1 probe does not require the use of water tanks or coupling gel to enable a good transmission of the signal," said a company spokesperson. "Instead, the RUP1 probe uses an innovative elastomer tip ball to provide excellent coupling between the probe and the material being measured, eliminating the need for some dedicated ultrasonic equipment and integrating automated ultrasonic measurement into the REVO 5-axis multisensor system.

The spokesperson continued, "Ultrasonic thickness measurement delivers clear advantages over traditional tactile probing techniques for parts where access to internal features is challenging. Aircraft landing gear parts, power generation drive shafts and hollow aerospace blades are all parts where the RUP1 probe will provide benefits."

ACM is an accessory designed to enhance access for the RVP noncontact vision system. Using a precision first surface mirror to provide a true reflection, the ACM rotates the field of view through 90° allowing vision inspection of bore surfaces and other features previously inaccessible to RVP. ACM is compatible with the VM11-2 module and mounts magnetically to a kinematic ring on VM11-2, allowing orientation at multiple positions to maximize part accessibility; 24 positions are available at 15° intervals around the VM11-2 axis.

Since the launch of the REVO SFP2 surface finish probe with expanded capability in 2017, Renishaw has released additional specialized modules, extending the surface finish measurement capability of the REVO system.

The latest additions include the G1 and H1 modules. The G1 module comprises a special stylus for groove measurement and has its own analysis package. The G1 module is used in the measurement of grooves in engine cylinder bores prior to a plasma coating process (also known as LDS). The H1 module is characterized by its elongated skid with a large radius (125 mm), enabling it to be used with cut-off values greater than 0.8 mm. This makes it more tolerant of measuring parts that may not be perfectly clean, while still being compliant with international standards.

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