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Automated 3D Part Printing and Fabrication

KUKA Robotics recently spotlighted robotic 3D part printing and fabrication using the Directed Energy Deposition (DED) process. Two systems demonstrated, both incorporating KUKA robots, were a Laser Metal Deposition (LMD), one from Meltio and a turn-key robotic fabrication system from One Off Robotics.

For its demonstration, Meltio used a KUKA robot for LMD, a process that precisely stacks weld beads on top of one another via a laser generated melt pool. It is designed around industry-standard weld wire, the safest, cleanest and easiest metal feedstock with which to work, the company reported.

LMD allows manufacturers to combine different metals in a single part, and switching from one material to the next is automatic, quick and clean. "This capability eliminates the need to stock and cut billets of raw material while providing a cleaner process that reduces production time. Plus, the process generates fully dense parts with superior microstructures exceeding those of cast or forged parts," said a company spokesperson.

Featuring a 6-axis KUKA robot, the One Off Robotics demonstration showcased the company's experience building large additive manufacturing robots. They can basically produce any extruder, in any size and with any software.

For turn-key robotic fabrication, One Off Robotics offers both standard systems and custom solutions for using 3D printing with laser DED, polymers, thermosets or ceramics. The systems also perform machining, laser cutting, trimming and more. Such multiprocess fabrication boosts efficiency and productivity.

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