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Workholding Solution for EV Application

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA, a manufacturer of taps, thread mills, end mills, drills and other rotary tools, has announced the company has custom designed and manufactured a workholding device for an electric vehicle (EV) rotor application. "EMUGE-FRANKEN is committed to providing the highest quality tooling solutions for EV manufacturing," said a company spokesperson.

In a unique application for clamping an electric car rotor for turning and milling, the rotor was clamped over two levels, square and cylindrical. First, the clamping was done via a classic clamping bush. Then a second, square clamping surface was created via wedge jaws. The end stop was located between the two clamping plans, which provide radial compensation. Benefits for this clamping design include a clamping bush and end stop that can be exchanged, enabling use over several machining processes. Also, the design of the clamping device offers sufficient space for taking measurements via a probe.

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