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Collet Pads and Jaws Enhance Job Shop Capabilities

Dillon collet pads and jaws allow thru-hole chucks to hold small bar and tube stock, thus expanding job shop machining capabilities. Securely gripping a wider variety of part geometries with Dillon collet systems allows more aggressive machining, especially when jaws are coated with Carbinite. "Faster processing, shorter cycle times, greater repeatability and faster changeovers not only expand capabilities, but they also enhance the efficiency and profitability of the jobs completed," said a Dillon spokesperson. Dillon collet pads and jaws are ideal for precision boring, high-speed machining, tapping, drilling and finishing. They are especially suited for small diameter machining of stems, spools, crimp assemblies, manifolds for high pressure air systems, medical parts, miscellaneous fittings, mechanical and transmission components, specialty valves and more.

A collet pad top jaw system increases a chuck's range of workholding capabilities, allowing more varied part geometries to be machined with the same jaw system. Precision ground collet pads provide tight tolerances for workpieces, with full contact across the gripping surface for greater holding power. Full contact of gripping surfaces provides a more stable grip and allows heavier cuts resulting in shorter cycle times. Round, hex and square collet pad shapes with both smooth and serrated gripping surfaces are available, including Carbinite-a wear-resistant textured carbide coating which doubles the gripping strength at equal clamping force. This improved grip on workpieces is designed to enhance mill performance and can prolong tool life.

Dillon Manufacturing offers a complete line of both S-Type and Warner & Swasey type collet pads, as well as for W&S solid emergency collet pads, Gisholt, Jones & Lamson and Martin collet pad types.

Changing over to collet pad jaws is easily accomplished and requires just a jaw change. The time required to change jaws and collets is generally accomplished in a few minutes and is much quicker than changing entire chucks which may take up to several hours to complete the changeover. "The ability to quickly change between sizes allows shops to increase their machine cycle times by up to 30%," said the spokesperson. "Machinists using collet pad jaws can maximize their chuck capabilities and investment by taking advantage of both chuck and collet pad work including the ability to run material that is hex or square in shape."

All products are designed and manufactured in the USA by skilled and experienced engineers, using an integrated computer system to track production, in ISO 9001:2015 facilities.

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