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Cart and AGV System Moves Parts Safely and Securely

Creform cart with tunneling AGV. The cart shown is built with Creform's "white gray" plastic coated steel pipe.

Creform Corporation has introduced a cart with a tugger/tunneling style NSI AGV system for an automotive supplier of fabricated metal components. The system consists of six AGVs and six parts handling carts controlled by a Creform wireless traffic control system. Carts are assigned to a specific AGV and stay connected. However, the AGV can be removed for service and the cart used manually. This new order is in addition to the 16 other various AGV units from Creform within the supplier's operation.

The BST AGV Model CA-A50060-NSI works as an automated tugger awaiting assignments. The customer's manufacturing system accumulates calls for product from the plant floor and provides the AGV routing information through Creform's traffic control system for the next available unit. There is an opportunity charging battery in the queue area so the system can run with minimal attention and interruption.

The typical AGV makes 20-30 trips a shift along a 1,200' route guided by a surface-mounted magnetic tape guide path with RFID location tags. The unit operates two shifts and takes full bins of parts to the designated area where an associate removes the 15" x 24" bins and places empty bins on the cart for the return trip.

The Creform BST NSI AGV offers a sophisticated control system. It is programmable and can control 50 courses with up to 128 commands on each. Programs can be entered via HMI, USB memory, Ethernet cable or radio. The AGV unit features a Category 3 safety system with safety equipment that includes an audible warning device, flashing light, no-contact obstacle sensor (laser scanner) and eStops. The unit runs on 24-volt power and can run a full shift prior to recharge or longer with opportunity charging.

The cart has dimensions of 72" L x 36" W x 54" H and was built by Creform utilizing its 42 mm pipe and joint system. It is rated for a load capacity of 750 lbs. The bins fit in four designated spots for secure transport and easy load/unload. The cart's open design provides visibility through the cart for personnel safety. The leading edge of the AGV extends out from the front of the cart for easy access to the control panel.

The cart features four 5" dia. casters with urethane wheels for easy, stable and safe rolling. The casters are suited for the rigors of repeated towing by the AGV and all swivel for easy positioning.

Carts are available as a kit, an assembled structure or in the component form for a complete DIY solution. Options include items hooks, label holders for shelf levels or shelf positions, writing surface with clip boards, etc. A user can add a hitch to the cart and tow more than one at a time.

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