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Manufacturing Analytics for Smart Manufacturing

HCL Technologies offers MINTVIZOR, an easy-to-use manufacturing analytics solution for plant managers and factory personnel.

"The solution provides real-time machine monitoring and analytics of shop ?oor data to drive decision making for higher throughput, reduced downtime and improved product quality," said a company spokesperson. "MINTVIZOR gives the manufacturing analytics space an innovative, agile deployment offering to give real-time insights into the availability, performance and quality of tools, equipment, devices and machines."

MINTVIZOR offers an easy-to-use, configurable solution in the Cloud that needs no deployment efforts. The machine connects via simple wizard, making installation a smooth process.

"The solution's real-time manufacturing analytics platform will help organizations move further and faster on the journey of performance improvement on the factory floor," said the spokesperson.

MINTVIZOR is an addition to other solutions offered by HCL, including DFMPro, CAMWorks and Glovius for design, manufacturing and visualization.

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