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Diverse Precision Grinding Products Offer Distinct Advantages

"When customers require specific precision grinding applications, they do not always need a specific, customized grinder. Finding a manufacturer that offers a variety of grinding platforms can offer both production efficiency advantages, as well as multiple manufacturing solutions," said a Heartland Machine & Engineering spokesperson.

Palmary specializes in the design and manufacture of centerless, cylindrical, internal and vertical high production grinders. Palmary offers single spindle I.D., twin spindle I.D., I.D./O.D. on a chucking platform, vertical grinders with automatic tool changers for I.D./O.D./face grinding, centerless through-feed, centerless end-feed, manual/NC type/CNC type cylindrical grinders, or heavy-duty large CNC cylindrical grinders. These grinding solutions offer sub-micron precision and are supported with applications by Heartland Machine & Engineering, Palmary's exclusive North American importer.

The OCD3260 cylindrical grinder is particularly suited for the automotive, hydraulic, medical and aerospace industries, with a wheelhead speed of 45 meters per second, a minimum increment of wheelhead slide and workhead table of .0001 mm, tailstock fine adjustment of .0001 mm, conversational software, linear scales on both X and Z axes and a swivel workhead of +90° to -30°.

Two of the most popular Palmary precision grinders are the VIG8060 vertical grinder and OCD3265-M universal grinder. The VIG8060 has a spindle RPM up to 45,000, six position tool changer, hydrostatic worktable and an X- and Z-axis equipped with special cross roller linear guideways featuring extra heavy loading capabilities.

The OCD-M is an I.D., O.D., angle and plunge solution with linear scales on X and Z. It has a B-axis driven with minimum setting angle of .0003° with positioning accuracy of one second of a degree.

The combination of product line diversity and machine quality, coupled with short lead times and on-time delivery, helps users to quickly start production and meet customer deadlines.

"Palmary's philosophy of implementing low-cost processes, high-precision quality levels, fast delivery and automated solutions with an extended warranty no other grinder manufacturer offers, takes all the risk away from customers," said Tom Goin, President of Heartland Machine & Engineering. "Any machine tool must have a combination of price, quality and delivery. It is the important three-legged stool concept. If any one of these three legs is not good, you will fall. Fortunately, Palmary hits the sweet spot covering all three areas."

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Don Miller, Grinder Division Manager

Heartland Machine & Engineering

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