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Marking Traceability Solutions for Bearing Manufacturers

"To prevent counterfeiting, many bearing manufacturers are adopting SIC MARKING traceability solutions," said a company spokesperson. "These solutions facilitate internal traceability and maintenance actions, and also improve corporate identity by offering distinctive and aesthetic signs."

Bearings are manufactured for numerous sectors-such as the automotive, aerospace, energy and medical industries-in a variety of materials and dimensions. As a result, marking solutions must easily adapt to these differences.

Bearings are marked with a variety of information, ranging from alphanumeric production codes or product data (site or date of manufacture) to Datamatrix codes or logos. The inscriptions must be clear, readable and unalterable. The latter is especially true if the bearings are subject to significant mechanical or thermal stress. In addition to modularity, marking solutions must be able to adapt to different part shapes.

SIC MARKING offers a range of laser marking machines as well as automatic reading solutions.

"SIC MARKING's integrated lasers are particularly well suited to marking ball bearings and providing clean and permanent results on all materials, from plastics and ceramics to hard metals," said the spokesperson. The various options available, including the 3D function and Autofocus, provide marking on all bearing surfaces (outer or inner ring).

The range is completed by three workstations (L-BOX, XL-BOX and XXL-BOX), allowing a dedicated marking station. This can be integrated into a production line or used as a stand-alone marking station. The production of small, medium and even large series is possible. The resizing of the boxes, the creation of specific tooling, the addition of additional movements (Z-axis, rotary axis) are options available on request.

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