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Face Milling Platform Combines Multi-Corner Milling, High Feedrates

YG-1 offers the FM10 PNMU face milling indexable inserts that combine multi-corner face milling performance with high-feed capabilities.

The advanced design of YG-1's FM10 PNMU inserts separates the cutting edge and the wiper, resulting in 10 true cutting edges.

The 36° entry angle generates thinner chips, providing operators higher feed capabilities. The curved cutting ridge and wiper design directs cutting forces axially along the strength of the machining center into the spindle. These features are designed to optimize operational stability to provide enhanced surface finishes and greater productivity.

FM10 PNMU cutters and inserts are recommended for milling in steel and cast iron. This YG-1 platform can be ordered in diameters of 2" to 4". YG-1 is developing an expanded range of diameters as well as extending the line for face milling in stainless and other materials.

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