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End Mill Radii Conform to Aerospace Specifications

IMCO M213 STREAKERS end mills are engineered for complex configurations.

STREAKERS M213 end mills are available with ball-nose, radius and chip management system, all optimized for use in aluminum.

IMCO Carbide Tool Inc. has launched M213 STREAKERS designed to handle extreme toolpaths in aluminum alloys, provide enhanced surface finishes and meet the requirements of today's aerospace industry.

Features of the M213 STREAKERS include three large flute cavities, uniquely designed end face and gashing and 37° helixes to achieve deep cuts and high feedrates. IMCO's special end face and flute grinds combine to create a free cutting action, allowing aggressive plunging and ramping moves, according to the company.

"Milling in aluminum has unique challenges, especially for aerospace parts," said Matt Osburn, Vice President, Technical Director for IMCO. "We have focused our advanced technologies on making customers' work easier and faster with end mills specially designed for milling deep slots, running steep ramp angles with high feedrates on entry moves, plunging at high feedrates without a peck cycle, and providing a superior surface finish as part of the package."

Like all IMCO high-performance end mills, M213 STREAKERS feature improved corner strength for longer tool life. Micro-fine cutting edges slice cleanly through work material, and high-polish flute faces keep chips moving out of the cutting zone. M213 STREAKERS are available uncoated with square, corner radius and ball nose ends, as well as chip management system (CMS) and neck relief options.

IMCO's online ToolBot is available 24/7 to generate fast, customizable cutting parameters. Users answer the prompts and get results customized for each specific machining task and machine.

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