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Sealed Chuck with Open Center

SMW Autoblok offers the BP chuck, standard fully sealed power chuck with a large through hole engineered for increased lifespan, throughput and durability.

"Ideal for CNC lathe applications, BP's large through hole provides tremendous flexibility for virtually any application where a standard chuck is used, including O.D. and I.D. clamping, bar stock clamping and shaft clamping," said a company spokesperson. "Easily convert BP to a collet chuck using collet pads for small diameter parts."

The spokesperson continued, "A true workhorse, BP maintains high productivity even in harsh environments of dry machining, abrasive powders, high pressure or corrosive coolants and more. Constant grease lubrication provides clamping force consistency and reduced wear, reducing downtime and loss of productivity. With BP, daily maintenance intervals become a thing of the past and only require maintenance checks every 2,000 hours."

Being fully proofline sealed from outside contaminants allows BP to maintain a consistent grip force for increased repeatability at high speed, versus non-sealed chucks that can lose more than 50% grip force if not maintained properly, according to the company. Other advantages include a case-hardened body and internal parts for high resistance and longer life.

Available in 210 mm, 260 mm and 320 mm, BP series chucks accept all industry top jaws. The BP-D utilizes master jaws with inch serration while the BP-M operates with metric serration (suitable for Japanese jaws). The American standard, tongue and groove master jaws are available on the BP-C.

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