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Big Bore Rotary Tables

The range of Samchully HRS big bore rotary tables, initially designed for large diameter bar work specific to the oil and natural gas industry, has been further developed to improve versatility and productivity. The rotary table bore diameter was enlarged to accommodate multi-ported rotary joints used for production fixtures and automated robotic part tending operations. Additional clearance holds parts closer to (or recessed within) the rotary table, which improves part accuracies and surface finishes and increases productivity, making them suited for complex shapes and machining features.

Samchully's big bore series is available in three sizes to accommodate a variety of different size applications. The HRS-430F22 with a 7.63" bore and the HRS-515F22 with a 10.39" bore provide the necessary performance for oil and gas pipes commonly machined on mid- to large-size machining centers.

"Customers have achieved great success machining larger cast or forged parts on gantries or boring mills leveraging the 14.64 in. bore on the HRS-650F22 rotary table," said a company spokesperson.

All three rotary tables are designed to function vertically or horizontally. Additional accessories such as big bore manual chucks, hydraulic rotary joints, position feedback scales, support tables and tailstocks are available to enhance performance and functionality.

Built within a rigid machined cast iron body, Samchully rotary tables utilize precision ground worm gear components supported by multiple thrust and needle radial bearings to optimize rotational accuracy and repeatability.

"To ensure the highest possible torque transmission, the cross-roller bearing is positioned directly adjacent to the internal worm wheel. The combined benefit of the assembly results in increased rigidity, powerful torque and long-term reliability," said the spokesperson.

Samchully's big bore rotary tables utilize a dual clamping disc braking mechanism coupled with powerful pneumatics/hydraulics to maximize brake torque. Providing up to 2,950 ft-lbs. in brake force on the largest size makes this series an ideal fit for customers handling aggressive applications from a variety of industries.

Factory trained installation and repair services are available for seamless integration.

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