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Efficient, Quick-Change Workholding Solutions

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA offers quick-change workholding systems, including the QCS-CA. With the QCS-CA Quick-Change System, the machine spindle is fitted with an EMUGE-FRANKEN quick-change adapter so that the precision clamping device can be interchangeably mounted with minimal changeover time. In most cases, after the clamping device has been mounted to the adapter, there is no need to adjust the runout of the clamping device. It is only necessary to check runout with the master to verify proper mounting to the adapter.

The EMUGE-FRANKEN System QCS-CA uses a bayonet to hold the clamping devices onto the adapter. The bayonet is actuated from an internal disc spring package and released from the machine spindle drawbar via the thrust bolt. When changing the clamping device, the spindle drawbar is moved to the full forward position, compressing the disc spring package and releasing the clamping device. The clamping device is then rotated until the bayonet lugs are aligned to the load/unload slots and can be removed from the adapter. After the adapter and new clamping device are properly cleaned, the clamping device is inserted onto the adapter in the reverse order of which it was removed. Once the spindle drawbar moves to the operating position, the disc spring package holds the clamping device firmly against the connection flange. There is a segmented collet and draw piece, which allows the machine spindle drawbar to actuate the clamping device and enables air sensing or sealing air to be supplied through the adapter. The drawbar can be used for two functions: changing the clamping device and loading/unloading of the workpieces.

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