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Custom Welding Solutions for Offshore Wind Tower Structure Production

Pemamek LLC, North American subsidiary of Finland-based Pemamek Ltd., offers integrated automated solutions for the welding of wind towers and foundational structures.

Pema TW Series and WS Series assembly stations are customized modular systems comprised of roller beds, column and booms, positioners and MAG and SAW welding capabilities, all controlled using one software-based management system, the WeldControl 100 and 500. Adaptive robotic welding technologies offer seamless welding of the nodes found on platform jacket legs and monopiles.

The assembly stations can be configured to operate double-sided, serving two lines and allowing multiple joints to be welded simultaneously. This configuration can replace two to six column and boom-type welding machines. Roller beds help reduce set-up time for welding tubular and other revolving objects and use of positioners can increase welding production by up to 70%.

Adaptive robotic node welding is achieved using the WeldControl 300 SCAN system, which scans the workpiece, captures data in the software's built-in system, compares it against the data already input and corrects robot welding paths accordingly for efficient multi-pass welding. One person controls the entire system using the WeldControl 100 and 500 panel management systems, eliminating the need for multiple welders on one job or cranes to reach tough joints, creating a safer work environment.

The PEMA Flange Fitting Station can be added to the configuration, enabling fast, safe and accurate fitting and welding of flanges to wind tower and tower foundation sections. The FF station is flexible enough to handle many different variations of flange designs and can be integrated with PEMA Column & Boom, which enables welding to be done in the same place, reducing weld time and increasing welding efficiency.

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