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Smart Technology for Unattended Operations

At EASTEC 2021, Caron Engineering will feature its smart technology suite of solutions that optimize the entire manufacturing process before, during and after cutting.

All products will be demonstrated on a Tsugami Swiss-style machine. Caron Engineering's tool data management system, ToolConnect, will automate the process of loading tools into the machine. ToolConnect reads and processes presetter written RFID tags and 2D printed barcode tags to automatically update tool information directly to the CNC control, and further prevents a wrong tool from being loaded into the machine.

During cutting, Caron will feature its adaptive tool monitoring system, TMAC, capable of monitoring even the slightest cutting operations in real time and will stop the machine instantly in the event breakage is detected. Using electronic gauging to measure the part post-machining, Caron Engineering's AutoComp software will automatically process the measurement data to calculate and compensate offsets in the control. All these solutions are designed to eliminate operator error, reduce cycle and set-up times and allow unattended operations.

Caron Engineering will also feature its newest product, DTect-IT. DTect-IT uses a variety of sensors to monitor different areas of the machine, as measured against user-specified parameters, to keep all processes in check. DTect-IT has a variety of applications including vibration and bearing analysis, tool wear detection, bar feeder vibration detection and the newly added signature analysis and surface roughness monitoring.

"Caron Engineering's solutions are unique in the fact they can interface with nearly any CNC machine tool on the market and can be customized for almost any application. Its high precision sensors are infinitely scalable to accommodate all types of cutting," said a company spokesperson.

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