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Maximize Flexibility on Mill/Turn Machines

Sealed guideways provide process safety of the centrically compensating SCHUNK ROTA-M flex 2+2 chuck.

The compensating mechanism of the SCHUNK ROTA-M flex provides a large compensation stroke.

SCHUNK has developed the ROTA-M flex 2+2, a low-maintenance 2+2 chuck jaw specially designed for meeting the increasing demands of the market.

The compensating mechanism provides a long compensation stroke. "Depending on the size, it amounts to 5.1 mm up to 10 mm per jaw-more than other available 4-jaw chucks on the market," said a company spokesperson. "This means increased flexibility for clampable workpiece geometries and a wide variety of possible applications. In many cases a single ROTA-M flex 2+2 chuck will be sufficient for covering a wide range of part geometries."

Seals on the guideways prevent grease from washing out under coolant pressure and gradual loss of clamping force. "Even in case of low clamping forces, precise functioning of the chuck is ensured," said the spokesperson. "At the same time, the sealings protect the chuck body against chips and dirt, process safety increases and maintenance intervals are extended."

For increased safety, the SCHUNK ROTA-M flex 2+2 clamping is done in a self-locking manner, and the clamping condition is signaled via indicating pins. The standard chuck sizes 260 to 1,200 achieve jaw strokes from 9.5 mm to 17.8 mm and high clamping forces from 100 kN to 180 kN.

As of size 800, users benefit from the weight-reduced design. The chuck face is equipped with grooves, and fixed stops allow the chuck to also be used as a vise. Moreover, the large sizes are designed for use on vertical lathes. The SCHUNK ROTA-M flex 2+2 is equipped with a flexible serration (1.5 mm x 60° or 1/16" x 90°).

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