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Benchtop Form Tester

Mahr Inc. offers the MarForm MMQ 500, extending Mahr's benchtop form tester portfolio and offering enhanced speed and flexibility. The software enables set-up and measurement to be automated and fast.

"The Z-axis vertical column allows movements with up to 100 mm/s-more than three times faster than conventional form measuring devices-for minimized cycle times," said a company spokesperson. "The newly developed automatic CNC centering and tilting table is a key factor in speeding up the total cycle time because it enables faster alignment than comparable models, thus increasing efficiency and productivity up to 75% faster than the market standard." This new centering and tilting table also features a high load-bearing capacity to enable the measurement of heavy workpieces, up to a mass of 80 kg (176 lbs.)

Another benefit of the MMQ 500 is the elimination of the need for an air supply by the use of a high-precision mechanical bearing for the rotary table. "Mahr has been a producer of high-precision bearings for over 75 years, and the mechanical bearing used in the MMQ 500 is more accurate than most air bearings and up to 70 times stiffer, making the system less susceptible to external forces such as vibration," said the spokesperson.

The MMQ 500 is also versatile. The system can measure surface roughness according to applicable standards in the same set-up as the form measurements. There is also the option to measure lead, or the fine thread-like microstructure, which may be present on shafts produced by typical turning and grinding methods.

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