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Sealed Encoders for Metrology Applications

RSF Elektronik has launched a newly designed sealed linear encoder series for high-end metrology applications. Offered through parent company HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION in North America, these MSA 7xx/8xx model encoders offer high quality and easy mounting solutions that are suited for use on CMMs, optical comparators and video measuring machines, among other types of measuring equipment.

The MSA 7/8 series encoders are designed for high-end metrology on or off the shop floor because of the high signal quality and long-term stability provided due to its integration of HSP1.0 (HEIDENHAIN Signal Processing). "HSP1.0 supplies online gain and offset stabilization, ensuring the best possible signals are generated from the 20 µm grating of the scale inside the aluminum extrusion, even in the presence of contamination," said a company spokesperson.

The thermal behavior of the MSA 7/8 is adjustable based on variable fastening elements, allowing for different thermal fixed points, each of which provide a known temperature growth characteristic for compensation within the control system. "This is essential for metrology applications since the negative impact of thermal expansion/contraction on measurements can be eliminated," said the spokesperson.

The MSA can also be shipped with glass or glass ceramic (Robax) substrates, providing a standard and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) offering, depending on the application need. The MSA 7/8 encoders also offer high reproducibility due to the force-free compensation of the mounting tolerance. The MSA 7xx encoder offers a fixed connecting cable, while the MSA 8xx connection is detachable.

For more information contact:

HEIDENHAIN Corporation

333 E. State Parkway

Schaumburg, IL 60173-5337


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