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EJ Counters and LG100 Series Linear Gages

Mitutoyo America Corporation has added to its expansive sensor lineup of metrology products.

are designed to be used inline or in measurement cells, enabling real-time measurement and data management in any type of work environment.

Features of the include:

  • Sliding durability of more than 50 million cycles (10 mm range models) with protection level of IP67G are offered. An oil-resistant material is used in the rubber cap and cable sheath so it can be used in harsh environments.
  • Reference point signal output functions are featured throughout the series. When incorporating into a device, the master setting value is easy to set and is retained after shutdown.
  • The series is high-speed and compact and offers production site visualization, improved productivity and information feedback. Up to eight compact EJ Counters can be linked, providing the capacity to connect to 16 gauges. On a DIN rail, each unit can be connected directly without using cables to maximize space. All linked units and gauges can be driven by a single power source.
  • Data can be output through an industrial interface (CC-Link) by linking a compact EJ Counter with an interface unit. Constant data monitoring and positional management are performed. A USB interface is also provided for easy connection with a computer.
  • A calculation function enables sum difference operations between two gauges connected to the same counter. Functions such as tolerance judgment and peak hold are included.

For more information contact:

Mitutoyo America Corporation

965 Corporate Blvd.

Aurora, IL 60502

630-820-9666 / 888-648-8869

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