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Power Chuck for Advanced Turning Center Spindles

RÖHM Products of America, a provider of clamping and gripping technology, has introduced the new DURO-A RC power chuck. The new power chuck is designed to reduce set-up times considerably due to its quick jaw-change system that allows the jaws to be adjusted, reversed or swapped out in 50 seconds.

"Designed to meet the needs of manufacturers as turning centers with integrated spindle motor technology become more common, the DURO-A RC power chuck unlocks the full potential of those machines. Traditional power chucks often cannot keep up with newer spindles' rotational speeds and acceleration/deceleration rates due to the heavy weight and loss of dynamic clamping force of those chucks," said a company spokesperson.

To overcome this challenge, the DURO-A RC's billet steel body has a compact, lightweight design, with an overall height that is reduced by 14%. It features centrifugal force compensation that allows for fast speeds and feeds, as well as power consumption savings of up to 17%. The chuck's interchangeable back plate further provides convenient adaptability to fit to a range of lathe spindles.

With the quick jaw-change system and individual unlocking, the jaws can be adjusted, reversed or swapped in just 50 seconds. "A decisive competitive factor, quick-change capabilities unlock increased process improvements by eliminating a common bottleneck in manufacturing," said the spokesperson.

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