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Circular Magnetic Chucks for Turning and Grinding

Braillon Magnetics offers a range of magnetic rotary chucks.

Using raising pole shoes, Braillon Magnetics circular chucks allow three-side access to the workpiece. Due to their static design with no movable components, they offer high reliability.

Electro-permanent magnetic technology increases both accuracy and safety. Once magnetized, Circular EP Chucks do not need electrical power to maintain the magnetic force. This prevents any thermal expansions due to electrical heating, and helps ensure safety against any voltage drop. The magnetic force is spread all over the top plate, preventing the workpiece from distortions due to standard mechanical jaws.

The circular chucks are offered in three designs:

  • Radial-This magnetic pole arrangement is dedicated to ring-shaped workpieces. It also allows the ability to reach maximal magnetic flux concentration. These chucks can be fitted out with pole shoes to make the tool clearance bigger.
  • Concentric-This design is suitable for multiple workpiece arrangement, particularly efficient with thick and medium sized workpiece.
  • Parallel-Presents the most efficient design to clamp thin and small sized workpieces. For extra-thin workpieces, a small pitch parallel top plate design is also available. Similar to the concentric design, a multiple workpiece arrangement is possible.

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