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Benchtop Horizontal Bandsaws

SE 5X6 RCT: Fully loaded with semi-automatic 2.5 HP motor, gravity down feed and Reverse Cutting Technology.

SE 5X8: 2-speed manual feed with miter capabilities up to 45°, blade tension indicator, cut speeds and feed guide.

Dake Corporation has added two benchtop horizontal bandsaws to its horizontal bandsaw product line. The semi-automatic SE 5X6 RCT model comes fully loaded with gravity down feed and Reverse Cutting Technology (RCT), while the SE 5X8 is manual feed with a 2-speed motor.

"Designed for on-the-go applications, these two saws cut all of the metal rounds, flats and tubes necessary-right in the field," said a company spokesperson. With two handles on each base, they can easily be set on a cart and wheeled onto the production floor or placed in the back of a truck for cutting up to 6" rounds on a worksite.

"Both benchtop horizontal bandsaws are small in size, but not in power and come complete with miter capabilities, blade tension indicator and cut speeds and feed guide. They provide clean, accurate cuts and offer the benefits of a large capacity saw with the portability needed for cutting in the field or in small spaces," said the spokesperson.

According to Simon Maldonado, Dake National Sales Manager, the semi-automatic SE 5X6 RCT offers RCT, which is a unique feature not found in other horizontal bandsaws. "While other bandsaws run counter-clockwise, the SE 5X6 RCT runs clockwise, offering cooler cutting and faster, cleaner cuts," he said. "This extends the life of the blade, and the clockwise motion throws chips away from the material and the saw, which provides a desirable fine finish."

Other key features of the SE 5X6 RCT model include:

  • Gravity downfeed for hands-free cutting
  • Cuts up to 60% faster than other bandsaws, depending on material
  • Single phase 110v
  • Powerful 2.5 HP motor
  • Constant speed regulator - adjusts speed according to amount of torque needed
  • Variable speeds with 114-262 feet per minute
  • Miters up to 45°
  • Blade tension indicator with clutch for proper blade tensioning every time
  • Quick release vise for fast set-up and change over.

For more information contact:

Dake Corporation

724 Robbins Road

Grand Haven, MI 49417


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