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Dust-Free Graphite Mill

EDM Network and Chmer EDM have announced their High-Speed , now available with Siemens control and linear motor drives. The unique oil shroud surrounds the 30,000 RPM spindle with an oil curtain using EDM compatible oil, to capture all of the graphite dust. Once trapped in the oil, the dust is filtered through a pair of 30 micron paper filters, and then recirculated. 

In addition to being dust-free, the oil provides lubrication for longer cutter life, less chipping of the graphite, and better finishes. 

The larger models, HM6050L and HM86GT, can also machine at high speeds hard metals, up to Rc 63, allowing users to mill both electrodes and cavities in the same mill. 

For more information contact:

EDM Network, Inc.

1974 Bucktail Lane

Sugar Grove, IL 60554


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