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High Performance Series Bandsaws

KASTO has expanded the swing-frame bandsaws of the KASTOmicut series.

KASTO has comprehensively revised the automatic bandsaw machines of the KASTOtec series. Here the KASTO designers focused on the best possible use of carbide saw blades.

KASTO VisualAssistance expands the possibilities of remote maintenance and repair.

KASTO has introduced a new and larger model of the KASTOmicut workshop saw, the completely revised high-performance KASTOtec series saw and KASTO VisualAssistance service technology.

The swing-frame bandsaws of the KASTOmicut series are especially designed for use in workshops with infinitely adjustable mitre angle of 90° to +60°. Users can choose between manually-operated, semi-automatic and fully automatic variants - the newest in this line is the KASTOmicut E 4.6. This manual version offers customers a larger cutting range of 18" within a powerful compact design and also features a frequency-controlled infinitely variable speed control and fully hydraulic saw feed control.

KASTO has revised the KASTOtec range with a focus on providing the greatest possible performance with use of carbide saw blades. Using the intuitive control system, the operator can adjust all the parameters to match the type of bandsaw blade used. Depending on the blade, this can reduce cutting time by up to 50%. Another feature of the new KASTOtec is KASTOrespond. "This intelligent system continuously records the forces on the tool without additional sensors and converts them into the optimal digital feedrate - the result is maximum performance that is also gentle on tools," said a company spokesperson. The range now also uses a ball screw spindle feed for a more controlled operation.

KASTO VisualAssistance service technology allows for the troubleshooting of KASTO products without a service technician having to physically be at the customer site. The technology utilizes "smart glasses" or smartphones to allow a remote technician to view what the customer sees. Shown on the heads-up display of the glasses, a KASTO technician can circle, point and send other relevant data to guide the customer in solving issues.

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