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CrossOver Vise Line Includes Reverse, Hydraulic Models

Kurt has launched an expanded lineup of the DX6 CrossOver vise designed to achieve new levels in workholding performance where flatness, parallelism and strength are critical for high precision machining. The new lineup includes a Hydraulic model to eliminate manual vise clamping and performs precise clamping to the required pressure. It can also be used in automated machining systems. Additional models include Reverse and Hydraulic Reverse vises to assist in programming in the Y-axis and easier part loading/unloading.

The DX6 hydraulic models come with single and double acting actuation. They only require switching out a brass fitting with the supplied hydraulic fitting. Single acting vise performs hydraulic clamping and spring return for unclamping. Double acting performs both hydraulic to clamp and unclamp for faster, more precise set-up.

Also introduced are DX6 CrossOver vise field conversion kits. These kits future proof existing, in-use DX6 vises, so as workholding needs changes, machinists can easily convert any DX6 CrossOver Manual Vises to Manual Reverse, Hydraulic or Hydraulic Reverse models.

Using a crossover of design features from both the AngLock and Pull-Type Kurt vise designs and integrated with a new 4-bolt stationary jaw, creates an ultra-unique strategy for a better vise with the DX6 CrossOver models. The AngLock design creates all-directional clamping alignment and downward force reduces jaw deflection. The Pull-type design reduces stress in the body and maintains flatness after assembly. And the 4-bolt design reduces stationary jaw deflection and alleviates body stress.

The DX6 CrossOver vise features a full 9" jaw opening within the inside jaw position. A lighter and narrower vise body with a footprint of 7.391" wide x 16.810" long allows more vises on the machine table. The vise body also provides chip evacuation straight through the body at sides and end of vise to prevent chip build-up.

Additional DX6 CrossOver vise features include:

  • A GrooveLock jaw plate and workstop are included for convenient part positioning
  • A larger and stronger bearing pack increases durability and has longer life
  • New brush seal design for easier removal or replacement in the nut
  • 80,000 PSI ductile iron body, nut and movable jaw, a semi-hard steel screw and a hardened vise bed and jaw plates.

Mounting is easy with many options from through the body, sine key versus traditional bolt-on keys, side clamping ears and locates on 40 mm, 50 mm, 2" grid patterns and on a Kurt D50-4-SA swivel base.

For more information contact:

Kurt Manufacturing Company

Industrial Products Division

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