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Workholding for Multi-Axis CNC Machining

AMT Innovations has released a new line of workholding products, Get-A-Grip. "This product revolutionizes the original workholding techniques and products for multi-axis CNC machining," said a company spokesperson. "Made in the USA, AMT uses the stainless steel logo on the product as a trademark and badge of the build quality this product offers. The use of robust materials and innovative design elements bring flexibility and time-saving benefits to our customers which will result in a dramatic increase in production and profits."

"The new cutting-edge triangular dovetail will never distort or deform the workpiece," added the spokesperson. The dovetail provides three evenly spaced, radial force vectors for enhanced gripping. Through triangular contact geometry, this product eliminates the need for an indexing pen. The pioneering internal clamping geometry reduces material preparation area and can be strategically placed where the finished part may have a pocket, which reduces secondary operations.

Multiple product options allow users to apply this technology to palletized 4-axis horizontal CNC mills with tombstones, 5-axis CNC machines as well as CMM fixtures. Although many shops may not have 4-axis or 5-axis capabilities, AMT's Get-A-Grip also offers advantages for common 3-axis CNC machining work and even 2-axis CNC turning.

For more information contact:

AMT Innovations, Inc.

3626 California Road

Orchard Park, NY 14127


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