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Vise Jaws Can Hold as Little as .060 of a Large Part

A 400 lb. part made of 6061 aluminum and measuring 8" x 19.6" x 26.2" using Mitee-Bite TalonGrip vise jaws to grip on .060"

(l-r) Mark Kokaram, PM Industrial; Rigo Guzman, Gerald Fazis, VP, N.C. Engineering

Recently Mitee-Bite helped a customer quickly solve a machining challenge. N.C. Engineering, Gardena, CA, is a family-owned business that has been providing precision components to military, aerospace, commercial, satellite, semi-conductor, micro-electronics, medical devices, robotics and automotive industries since 1972.

N.C. Engineering had a 400 lb. part made of 6061 aluminum and measuring 8" x 19.6" x 26.2". It is machined on a DMG NHX5000 with spindle travel very close to the overall size of the workpiece, leaving only a little space for workholding. The concern was gripping on a small amount of material, and being able to remove material at fast enough pace to get the job done in efficient time.

David Bishop, GM, Mitee-Bite, was able to recommend a solution to Gerald Fazis, VP, N.C. Engineering. It was determined that by using the Mitee-Bite TalonGrip vise jaws, they could grip on .060" and use a 2" face mill, allowing full access to the entire part. After testing, Fazis was confident that the TalopGrip vise jaw would be the solution.

TalonGrip vise jaws are a simple bolt-on system that allows aggressive machining operations while clamping on as little as .060" of material. TalopGrip is also available for fixturing with Pitbull and Dyna-Force Clamps or for soft jaw applications. All jaw sets are tapped with two additional holes to accept M4 Pittbull Clamps. This is a solution when downforce or additional holding force is necessary. TalonGrip jaws actually bite into the material to prevent the material from being so easily pulled out of the vise when aggressive speeds and feeds are used. The jaws have been designed to fit most common machine vises.

"TalonGrip vise jaws are popular for 1st Ops due to their ability to save on material cost and engineering time," said a company spokesperson. "In the end, everyone was very pleased with the quick recommendation, product availability and old-school know-how to make a difficult application simple."

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