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Spray Cabin Parts Cleaner

LNS SC2 330 and 700 spray cabins

The LNS Fox SC2 700 Spray Cabin is the latest addition to the company's Air Filtration line. The new model, like the original SC2 330 Spray Cabin, makes cleaning oil and debris from machined parts safer and easier by use of a high-efficiency filtration system that eliminates more than 99% of contaminants (Afnor 440060), according to the company.

"Without a filtration system, compressed air blows oil and debris into the air and onto work surfaces, creating an unhealthy and unsafe working environment. LNS Fox SC2 Spray Cabins eliminate fine aerosol mists by drawing air through a washable pre-filter and a high-efficiency, long-life, easily accessible main filter," said a company spokesperson.

The LNS Fox SC2 700 Spray Cabin uses a low-noise, single-phase fan motor to produce 530 CFM air flow. A handy side tray holds multiple parts to speed the cleaning process.

Both models have four caster wheels for easy mobility, a neatly stored 15' air gun and a compact design that occupies minimal floor space.

For more information contact:

LNS America, Inc.

4621 East Tech Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45245


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