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Enclosure Line with Quick Removing Doors

Wiegmann, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, offers the KwikHinge line of freestanding and floor-mount electrical enclosures with removable doors. These products are designed to simplify installation of sub-panels.

Wiegmann's KwikHinge enclosures feature sliding hinge pins that enable quick sub-panel installation or door modifications. Users can remove enclosure doors in seconds due to a design that upgrades previous long continuous hinge designs. Just as quickly, the door can be reinstalled to provide protection and security.

The KwikHinge pins are fabricated of heavy duty 316 stainless steel. A retainer clip keeps each pin with the cabinet hinge so it cannot be lost when the door is removed. The hinges are concealed on the backside of the doors. Doors open 170° and seal with poured-in-place gaskets.

The Wiegmann KwikHinge enclosure line, previously the WRD series, includes over 70 different single or double door enclosures. Double door models also include removable center posts. The enclosures are built of either carbon steel with a polyester powder finish or 304 stainless steel. Units include heavy duty lifting eyes for easy handling and Uni-strut mounting channels welded to the interior sides.

These Wiegmann enclosures provide NEMA 3R, 4 and 12 as well as IP66 protection for electrical components from dust, dirt and water. Adding rack mount accessories makes them suitable for protecting sensitive electronic components in harsh industrial environments. Stainless steel models can be used in corrosive environments.

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