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Used Equipment Program

The Reman program offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new grinding, shaping or hobbing machine. Machine before (left) and after (right) refurbishing.

Liebherr's Reman used equipment program provides a second lease of life for older, high-quality machines.

The Reman program offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new grinding, shaping or hobbing machine. Depending on technology, age or residual value, customers can choose between a reconditioned used machine, a general overhaul or repair of their own machine to original manufacturer quality at attractive conditions. After the general overhaul, a used machine from the Reman program looks like new, is up to date with the latest technology and comes with a new warranty.

Used Machine, Overhaul or Repair

If the customer orders a new or a reconditioned used machine, Liebherr offers to buy back the customer's used machine, provided it is suitable for this. If the customer has their machine overhauled, Liebherr provides a rental machine to minimize downtime.

The scope of a machine overhaul depends on the customer's requirements or wishes regarding the machine and workpiece qualities. Liebherr replaces the respective components in several steps:

  • Step I ensures that the existing machine quality is maintained
  • Step II restores the machine to the quality on delivery
  • Step III contains additional upgrades for the controls to latest version.

Individual assemblies can also be overhauled and come with a warranty. Maintenance and service, as well as repair and spare parts services, are also part of the program.

Economical and Sustainable

Liebherr's used equipment program is not only efficient in terms of economics, but it also contributes to sustainability and the conservation of resources. The refurbishment of an existing machine requires significantly fewer raw materials than the production of a new machine, reduces material and energy consumption and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. "Liebherr is committed to this goal as a partner in the VDMA's Blue Competence initiative, which promotes sustainability in the machine tool industry," said a company spokesperson.

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