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Enhanced Electrolyte Tank Increases Process Efficiencies

Glebar has developed an enhanced electrolyte tank featuring digital ultrasonic sensors that feed data to the HMI screen through an I/O link, enabling better grind management, improved grind efficiency and reduced downtime. The upgraded tank provides customers with an easier and more reliable way to check the electrolyte levels of their Tridex Electrochemical Cutoff and Grinding machines without having to engage in the tedious and less accurate manual process.

Previously, operators would monitor float hydrometers and perform visual inspections to measure the electrolyte salt density and fill levels. "These are manual and operator-dependent processes that provide an insufficient amount of data to accurately plan for electrolyte change and result in a lower process capability," said a company spokesperson.

In the upgraded tanks, an I/O link connects digital ultrasonic sensors to the HMI screen, which generates a graphical and numerical display of the electrolyte health and fill levels. This allows operators to make precise adjustments through a simpler and more accurate process. The alerts generated by the HMI allow operators to quickly make changes, reducing the time spent troubleshooting.

With the enhanced sensors and detailed display, the new electrolyte tanks reduce unplanned downtime, increasing throughput and process capability.

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