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Next-Generation Tool Grinding Machine

Strausak model ONE 5-axis linear tool grinding machine.

Strausak ONE basic machine with 4-position wheel changer, scalable at any time after purchase.

Strausak ONE, expanded with 12-station wheel changer, with a Staubli high-speed robot and automatic cassette changer.

Strausak, a member of the Rollomatic Group North America, offers the model ONE 5-axis flexible tool and cutter grinding machine with Numroto tool design software. It is designed for the grinding of rotary and stationary cutting tools in small and large batch production, custom cutting tools and resharpening.

This model has been designed so that any options can be upgraded and retrofitted at any time during the life of the machine.

"The thermal stability is exceptionally high due to an innovative machine design and a rigid 5-axis configuration," said a company spokesperson. "Field tests have demonstrated an unusually high Cpk process capability. This is of particular importance when grinding short-run custom tooling where accuracy and 'first-tool-good' are critical."

Linear motion technology, which is included in this machine, provides enhanced surface finishes on radius and other primary reliefs as well as flute finish. Linear motors reduce the footprint of the machine.

The efficient synchronous spindle, running at maximum 40% power draw or less, does not release any heat into the machine or into the grinding process. This helps provide thermal stability and a consistent grinding process.

The Numroto software platform offers the user high-performance tool design and intuitive programming for a wide range of applications.

"This machine presents the smallest possible footprint among any tool grinder with a 32 mm (1-1/4 in.) capacity, without any compromise in rigidity, sturdiness and power for production grinding," said the spokesperson.

Strausak produces scalable and modular grinding equipment. Any option can be retrofitted onsite after delivery to help the owner remain competitive in a dynamic environment.

Some of these scalable options include:

  • Upgrade to 32 HP synchronous grinding spindle
  • Upgrade to 8-position or 12-position wheel changer
  • Upgrade to 8-position collet sleeve changer
  • Pick & place loader with Rollomatic cassette systems
  • High-speed Staubli robot with Rollomatic cassette systems
  • Automatic cassette magazine to extend the autonomous production grinding
  • Wide range of collets and adjustable clamping systems
  • V-block shank guidance
  • Retractable tool support, traveling steady rest, Arobotec steady rest
  • Manual and automatic tailstock
  • High-speed spindle with 3-position automatic grinding pin changer
  • Onboard wheel dressing
  • Automatic wheel sticking.

For more information contact:

Strausak Inc.

1295 Armour Boulevard

Mundelein, IL 60060


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