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Toolroom Control Boosts Productivity

TRAK Machine Tools, a provider of solutions designed to boost productivity in toolrooms and low volume shops, offers its easy-to-use RMX and RLX controls for short run and prototyping toolroom work.

The RX features a video powered Enhanced ProtoTRAK Assistance library to quickly get operators up to speed and help them get the most out of the control. A solid model graphics engine for Parasolid conversion and part verify allows users to visualize the toolpath and final part. A new Defaults section customizes the control to the operator's machining style. The majority of the control is navigated through an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, while still keeping many of the soft keys for comfort and tactile feedback.

The ProtoTRAK RX still has its main standard features. The Auto Geometry Engine is designed to address issues with missing specs. DXF Conversion makes the drawing-to-part process more seamless. The Tool Table library allows operators to keep the machine ready to go on a moment's notice. As always, programming is in plain conversational language, and electronic handwheels are available.

The newest software option release includes a Clear Off feature for increased machine productivity. Clear Off allows for the removal of part material from the outside in, leaving only the bosses and profiles needed. This option is easily programmed at the machine, and works with both DXF and Parasolid models.

The ProtoTRAK RMX is available on the company's full line of mills, (DPMRX2, DPMRX3, DPMRX5, DPMRX7), as well as its new line of Toolroom Machining Centers (TMC5, TMC7, TMC10, TMC12, TMC14). The ProtoTRAK RLX is available on its full line of CNC lathes (1630RX, 1845RX, 2470RX, 30120RX).

TRAK Machine Tools specializes in CNC technology for small lot machining. Product lines include TRAK Toolroom Machining Centers, bed and knee mills, lathes, additive solutions and retrofit products. All feature the ProtoTRAK CNC and are backed by factory-direct sales, service and management personnel throughout North America. In addition, TRAK has partnered with Siemens to bring a line of production VMCs powered by the SINUMERIK ONE control to the American market.

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