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Tools with Bluetooth Connectivity

The Ingersoll Rand QX Connect Series of precision fastening tools is now equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. An operator no longer needs a wire to share critical data or programming information between fastening tools and the controller.

The company has also released the Ingersoll Rand INSIGHTqcx Multi-Tool Controller (MTC) that exchanges information between up to six QX Connect tools and other systems in the plant. The controller holds 10x more data than previous models-up to 500,000 records of cycle data and traces.

"The hallmarks of the Ingersoll Rand QX Connect Series remain: a patented closed-loop transducer that delivers accurate results, data gathering capabilities and programmable fastening strategies. Now with enhanced connectivity, the tools operate cordlessly all the time," said a company spokesperson.

Operators have complete control of the tools using the free Ingersoll Rand INSIGHT Connect app, available on Android, iOS and Windows 10 platforms. From nearly any mobile device, users can program, backup and restore up to 256 fastening strategies, including torque, speed, angle controls and different Ergonomic Tightening System (ETS) modes, saving time and increasing flexibility and accessibility to the tools.

The QX Connect Series includes cordless precision screwdrivers, angle wrenches and high-torque angle wrenches, meeting the diverse requirements and budgets for manufacturers in the heavy equipment, aerospace and automobile industries. The tools are also available in high-torque configurations.

Whereas connected tools have historically relied on a one-to-one tool-to-controller ratio, the INSIGHTqcx MTC connects and communicates with up to six QX Connect Series tools. The MTC streamlines the number of controllers needed in the plant, reducing equipment costs, saving space and creating an economy of scale.

Line managers can easily move equipment around, adding and removing tools without buying and setting up a controller for every tool. The MTC links equipment on other communications protocols to share data and information regardless of the programming language.

Existing INSIGHTqcx controllers can be upgraded to the new software developed for the INSIGHTqcx MTC, instantly transforming it to a controller that supports six tools and holds 500,000 fastening data points.

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