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PitBull Hand Tool Lineup Available

GEARWRENCH, a hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group, offers the PitBull Pliers line that includes 38 individual products and six sets.

The PitBull Auto-Bite Tongue & Groove Pliers (available in dual-material comfort grip handles) are designed for easy one-handed use. With a squeeze of the handles, the jaws automatically adjust for a precise fit. According to the company, the thumb-operated Auto-Bite lever does not protrude like push-button pliers do, giving them a slim profile for greater access. Auto-Bite pliers are available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes, as well as a four-piece set.

The PitBull K9 Tongue & Groove Pliers (dual-material or dipped handles) feature the K9 jaw system with teeth that can grip and turn with up to a 35° offset angle. "The narrow profile provides 40% greater access than the competition," said a company spokesperson.

"Professional technicians can now cut with 35% less force due to the pivot-forward design and laser-hardened cutting edges of all four GEARWRENCH PitBull Solid-Joint Pliers (linesman, long-nose, universal and diagonal)," added the spokesperson. "The innovative designs also translate to 50% longer cutting life, meaning techs are not replacing their pliers over and over once they have gone dull. All four styles are available in dual-material comfort grip handles or dipped handles for easy cleaning.

All PitBull Pliers feature pinch-stop design to prevent blood blisters brought on by pinching handles.

For more information contact:

Apex Tool Group

910 Ridgebrook Road, Ste. 200

Sparks, MD 21152


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