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November 2020

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401 Tech Bridge Completes $6 Million Funding Round
ASSP Shifts SafetyFOCUS 2021 to Virtual Event
Bahmueller Announces Representative Network in North America
Phillips Federal Adds Bel Air Finishing Post-Processing Cell to RIA
CAMWorks Announces Partnership with CIMTechnology
High-Capacity Mesh Belt Heat Treatment Furnace Line
Chiron Group Acquires Mecatis
New Visibility into Production Equipment Data
Deloitte and Wichita State University Launch New Smart Factory
Desktop Metal to Become Public
New ISO Standard Offers Integrated Model for Manufacturing Quality Information
Dontyne Gears Introduces Gear Test Rig and In-House Testing
FARO Acquires ATS AB
New Equipment Purchases Expand HS Metalworks into New Markets
Hygrade Precision Technologies Acquisition
DoD Awards ICAMS $4.26M to Explore Digitalization of Manufacturing
IMCO Carbide Tool Joins the IMC Group
Jacksonville FL Announced 15 New Projects in 2020
Leonhardt Manufacturing Celebrates 50th Anniversary
MC Machinery Offers Virtual Product Demos
Midland Industries Opens New Distribution Center
Explore New Ideas with Generative Design Tool
Production Repair of Titanium Turbine Blades
Orbitform Acquires Candamp;B Machinery
Platinum Tooling Presents Product Lines in New Video
Two Quintus Hydroform Presses Now Operational at Fandamp;B Manufacturing
5-Axis Power Vise with Adjustable Center
Siemens Selects Racer Machinery for Global Rollout of New CNC Platform
TITANS of CNC Join Forces with Haimer USA and Kennametal
University of North Texas Installs MELD Metal AM Machine
Partnership Expands Robotic Welding Market
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Explore New Ideas with Generative Design Tool

MSC Software Corporation has released MSC Apex Generative Design 2020. "This tool enables engineers to explore new approaches and optimize any part of their design in a single step, allowing them to develop innovative products up to 80% faster than conventional approaches," said a company spokesperson.

MSC Apex Generative Design addresses product development pressures to meet shrinking budgets and rapid time-to-market by generating lightweight and smoothed preliminary component concepts based on just the engineering goals. "It does away with the iterative process of eliminating unsuitable candidates, freeing up engineers' time so they can use their expertise to explore the design space and find more optimal and novel solutions by fine tuning pre-vetted, manufacturing-ready designs," said the spokesperson.

"Its uses span every imaginable industry regardless of the application," continued the spokesperson. "It enables engineers to innovate more quickly, producing the perfect design in the same amount of time it would have taken them to create, test and discard a first prototype using conventional tools and workflows."

According to the company, with MSC Apex Generative Design:

  • A surgeon can create a smarter, latticed implant design that is pre-validated for additive manufacturing (AM) and the same weight as the bone it replaced, improving biocompatibility to encourage muscle attachment and patient comfort.
  • The aerospace engineer can redesign a product part-by-part for lightweighting, maintaining the same performance and safety while improving efficiency.
  • An automotive designer can build a motorcycle chassis that is 56% lighter than previous iterations, improving range while saving on fuel consumption.
  • Manufacturers can fully exploit the capabilities of AM and optimize their designs to enable first-time-right part production for entirely new products.

Thomas Reiher, Director of Generative Design, MSC Software, said: "Designing an optimal product that fully exploits the available techniques is such a convoluted process today that designers have to compromise. Designers' eyes light up when they use MSC Apex Generative Design because it thinks like them, improving parts with intelligent engineering decisions-only much faster."

"Our users have reported slashing their design time by 80% by reducing the number of individual tools and interventions, automating the optimization process and streamlining their workflows. They start producing products that for the first time they have been able to optimize with design, performance and cost all tailored to their technical and commercial requirements."

"Despite this power, MSC Apex Generative Design can run on a normal laptop to generate initial candidates within an hour, and produce a final design within a matter of hours," said the spokesperson. "Adding to its accessibility, the tool is also now equipped with an intuitive interface, opening its capabilities up to designers and engineers without specialized knowledge of computer aided engineering (CAE). Design goals can be set up directly, or set against an existing design from computer aided design (CAD) or directly from CAE models."

"MSC Apex Generative Design's ability to anticipate design issues that would otherwise require redesign much later in the process is particularly important for new manufacturing practices such as AM," said the spokesperson. "3D printing teams can use the solution as a design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) tool. It performs topology optimization and intelligent smoothing in a single step, producing parts with low distortion risk and `bionic' printable geometries. The resulting parts are automatically designed for performance, balancing the material use with strength requirements and stress distribution."

Users can link MSC Apex Generative Design with manufacturing simulation tools such as Simufact Additive for metals and Digimat AM for polymers to reduce build failures and make optimal use of materials at every step.

"This first major release introduces new controls that make it easier for designers to adjust the complexity of the generated designs and how much the fixation points can be reduced. It also exploits many productivity benefits of the underlying MSC Apex platform, for example direct export of engineered models (mesh) to CAD formats so that generative design optimization can be used within common CAD/CAM manufacturing workflows," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

MSC Software

4675 MacArthur Court

Newport Beach, CA 92660


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